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"Through her Spanish-language releases, Stocksdale aims to shed light on an aspect of her artistry that might catch some by surprise since she hasn’t officially released any Spanish-language music as of yet. As she tackles her native tongue and explores her musical identity, she emphasized that her Spanish body of work is undeniably authentic to her true self." - Clare Gehlich

"The poetic lyricism and ingenious imagery of 'Swimming Pools' showcase Stocksdale’s unmistakable songwriting skills, making this single a perfect debut for the talented newcomer." - Karlee Skipper


"'Swimming Pools' by American singer-songwriter Dani Stocksdale is a profound exploration of the complexities faced by Gen Z in the realm of modern dating, intertwined with captivating metaphors and exquisite wordplay. The song's hauntingly beautiful melody and poignant lyrics provide a poignant reflection of the struggles and vulnerabilities experienced in the digital age." - Tatiana

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"With her debut single, “Swimming Pools,” Dani Stocksdale makes a powerful entrance into the music scene with a pastel pop sound. The track is beautifully crafted weaving together storytelling and clever wordplay."

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