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Dani Stocksdale

Dani Stocksdale is a natural entertainer. As a kid, she filled her family’s household with laughter and music - cracking jokes at the dinner table, and staging dance performances and mini concerts with her friends. Dani attended college at NYU’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, where she was recognized by her peers as a prolific songwriter who kept her songs tucked away. A born perfectionist, Dani held tightly onto her songs and refrained from releasing them. 


“Playing my songs for people was what ultimately inspired me to take the leap to put them out.” Dani says. She explains “I got to see first-hand how they affected my friends and family, and I was excited to see how they could impact others.”  Emboldened by these experiences, Dani now steps forward with a series of cleverly-written, broadly-resonant bedroom-pop singles.


Dani is a wordsmith songwriter with an irresistible, balmy pop sensibility. Her lyrics teem with clever wordplay, attention-grabbing rhyming patterns, heartfelt messaging, relatable storytelling, and thought-provoking metaphors. “I love to come up with lyrics that tickle the intellectual side of your brain, and pair that with catchy melodies,” Dani details. 


Dani’s songs are insightful explorations of her own personal journey; her relationships with family and friends; and her romantic longing. Her smart but accessible pop songcraft recalls singer-songwriters such as Julia Michaels and Amy Allen. Her smoldering vocals and ethereal but earthy musicality invite comparisons to Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Clairo.


Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Dani’s mother and father nurtured and supported her passion for the arts. She took piano and vocal lessons, and Dani explored musical theater in middle school and high school. As a teen, Dani was a member of an all girl singing group, Sonder, that earned a substantial online following, amassing 48,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of views. 


Her extroverted nature has always been complemented by a love and fascination for languages and poetry. Dani is Mexican American, and she grew up in a bi-lingual home: Spanish was her first language, learning English later when she started school. Her earliest encounter with music involved listening to Spanish nursery rhymes and catchy 80s Spanish hits played in the car. Having been introduced to music through Spanish melodies, Dani’s excited to be sharing her Mexican American heritage in music on future releases. 


Dani’s first official single will be the pastel pop song “Swimming Pools.” The track features wistful vocals, electric guitars shaded with ambient textures, and a soaring, radio-ready chorus. Here, swimming pools act as metaphors for relationships—pools are enticing, yet the prospect of jumping into one can be daunting. The song is rife with captivating vignettes of a lonely Gen Z-er seeking romance. In the opening verse, Dani takes her therapist’s advice to go to the bar alone to meet a guy in real time. She sings: So I’m sipping iced tea/Eyes on my phone/Thirtysomething Ben sits down way too close/Tells me ‘bout his crypto and his daddy's boat/Doesn’t take the hint when I say that I gotta go.


Following the release of “Swimming Pools,” her second single will be “Prototype,” a warmly intimate track imbued with a sense of wistful longing. The song conveys the universal sentiment of encountering someone at a formative age, with that person eventually representing an elusive ideal by which all future relationships are measured. Dani’s lyrics in the chorus exude a rare mix of innocence and sage wisdom. She sings: What am I still supposed to think/What am I supposed to do/When you’re the one that I compare everyone to/But I’m not that for you. “The tough realization is that the prototype never lives up to your expectations, yet you still keep comparing everyone to them” Dani says. 


Dani finally introduces audiences to her Spanish music with her third single “Solitas.” The Bossa-nova pop track whisks the listener off to a cinematic European holiday with an engrossing romantic narrative sung in perfect Spanish. “When my aunt heard ‘Solitas,’ she cried because it was the first time she had ever heard me sing in our family’s native language,” Dani says.  


Reflecting on her path from an exuberant and eager-to-entertain teen to the thoughtful and reserved young artist she is today, Dani is pensive. She says: “When you’re really young, you don’t fear judgment. As you get older, there can be a decline in self-confidence, but there is an increase in experience. Lately, I’ve grown to be more confident in my songs, and, more importantly, I’ve realized one of the best aspects of releasing music is having shared moments with people. I crave these experiences now, and they push me to keep moving forward.”

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